Vacs is now in Jubilee Hills!

For those of you who have had those yummy pastries and ordered the most delicious birthday cakes in town from the Vacs bakery (I don’t know if I spelt it right!) in Karkhana, Secunderabad but probably live somewhere on the other side of Hyderabad- here is the great news….Vacs is opening on Road No 10, Jubilee Hills!

I heard this on radio today, there was a phone number announced as well, but I couldn’t really catch it.

If you haven’t had the chance to try out Vacs before, I swear by the pastries and cakes that they make out there – they just melt in your mouth and leave you transcended – yearning for more!

So, all the pastry lovers, check out Vacs in Jubilee Hills today!

Disclaimer: I’m just a normal customer of Vacs and recommend their great products – I have no business deal with them! Vacs, Kharkhana is near my in-laws’ place and we have ordered a cake from there for almost every birthday in the family and that’s how I know it and I think no other bakery comes close to it in the twin cities (Midways in Banjara Hills is another great bakery I can vouch for)

I’m adding a google maps link to Vacs in Road No 10, Jubilee Hills – here it is:



9 thoughts on “Vacs is now in Jubilee Hills!

  1. aruna says:

    i am die hard fan of this guy,, . Best thing about this guy is he makes ur cake fresh on order and very quickly and taste is heavely,, pastries just melt…

    • Sunil Ayalasomayajula says:

      Hi Ravi, I will do that – I heard it is on Road No 10, I need to find out exactly where 🙂


  2. sharad says:

    This is 1 km from jubilee hills check post, I have visted the place, its just fantastic. The number is 23558838

  3. Nischala says:

    i know Vacs too .. and boy does it taste good.. its heavenly..
    thanks man for the info… sure I will try it soon enough..

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